Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of books will I find here?

I enjoy reading about career development, productivity, software development and personal finance. You can see my most recent posts here.

How often do you post?

Honestly I have no Idea, sorry! Sometimes I go through a book every couple weeks. Other times it’s every couple months. You can subscribe to updates if you want though.

Who is this for?

I started taking notes when I realized I couldn’t recall details of my favorite books without re-reading them every so often. I thought It’d be a cool personal project to formalize these notes for others to reference as well.

Are you making money off of me?

All notes on this site includes an amazon referral link to the book I took the notes on. I get a referral commission if you purchase anything through that link. This will hopefully be enough to prevent any need to add any slow loading text or video Ads to this site!